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selection of Pot-bellied pig for breeding

On this page, we'll talk about how to choose the Pot-bellied pigs for breeding, as well as on how to avoid being deceived by unscrupulous breeders

I was alarmed treatment readers who had the temerity to buy Pot-bellied pigs breed incompetent breeders or people who think only of short-term profits. Geography of letters and phone calls, so varied and wide that fit to talk about uniting the nation around the issue of growing this truly, wonderful breed. Write and call from different regions: Chernihiv and Donetsk, Sumy and Luhansk, Lviv and Odessa, Kiev, as well as Russia, Belarus, Moldova. My plan was to write articles about proper feeding and keeping Pot-bellied pig, but I realized that it's time to sound the alarm about the prospects for the further development of this breed in our country. Is in full discredit of Pot-bellied pigs. People who buy a lot of money, a couple of cute piglets, then do not understand why their pigs to a year of life weigh forty to sixty pounds, and sows can not get pregnant before the age of ten to twelve months. And the thing is that many breeders because of their ignorance and lack of knowledge bases of breeding, hybridization, and engaged vnutrirodstvennym further spread of degraded specimens of the breed.


Dear Readers wishing to engage in the cultivation of Pot-bellied pigs, pay special attention to the following when buying calves:
1. Do not buy a couple of pigs from the same litter.
2. Do not purchase, in any case, pigs, if the breeder farm in a boar-producer on several sows Mumps and hryachok being bought, at this point, be sure to be relatives.
3.Pointeresuytes where purchased breeding pigs, if pigs from the same place, it is likely they are of the same blood.
4. Do not hesitate to ask piglet weight at birth and the dynamics of the pig at intervals of ten days.
5.Trebuyte show parents piglets. If, pig weighs three to three and a half kilos, and the seller claims that he was a month old, you know that sows should be saggy milk fraction, it should look like grown thin. In the absence of these symptoms, you probably show or another sow or older pigs.
6. Pay particular attention to the look you purchased pigs. Preference should be given to pigs and well muscled, strong, wide-set limbs. The head should be broad shape with a bend of the nasal bones (mopsovidnost). This is a very characteristic feature of the Pot-bellied pig breeds. The long, narrow head stretched, spindle-shaped torso, legs iksoobraznye talk about late-, constitutional weakness and degeneration. Appearance of a pig eloquently speak about his health. A healthy pig hair smooth, tight body, shot down by its tail stiffly, the behavior of an active, good appetite, shiny, bright eyes. Waving its tail from side to side indicates a good mood pig. Color, mostly black, but often there are other colors, even in the same litter that is not a deviation from the norm.
7. Find out at what age, and how to feed accustomed pig. Remember that the translation from one feeding to another should be smooth and gradual.
8. Do not be afraid to take the pigs from the first litter with good data, but be careful when choosing a litter of piglets from the numerous (more than a dozen heads). Number usually affects quality. In carrying out these simple requirements, you will protect yourself from further problems and will be able to make sure that the breeding and keeping of pigs Pot-bellied vislobryuhoy breed is very profitable and fun.





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