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selection of Pot-bellied pig for breeding

The content of Pot-bellied pigs

Feeding pot-bellied pigs

pregnancy and farrowing Pot-bellied pigs

economic feasibility of breeding pigs Pot-bellied




On this page we will focus on the pregnancy, about how to take delivery and outgrowths of Pot-bellied pigs breed.

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DSA Pot-bellied pigs (click on image to enlarge)

Pregnancy in Pot-bellied pigs, like usually lasts 114-118 days, or, as they say: "Three months, three weeks and three days." About a couple of days before farrowing sow begins to worry, she lowered the stomach, forming lobes, redden and swell nipples. If the pressure on the nipple stand out drops, translucent, colostrum, the birth is expected within the next few days. On the day of farrowing sow very carefully and responsibly preparing a nest, she squeezes litter, chewing hay to make it softer. If the sow refuses to eat, it's a sure sign of the imminent onset of labor, which must be met head-on. It is necessary to clean the machine from sawdust, and everything extraneous, leaving only hay and water bottle with clean water. Required to fence off a corner for piglets, to bring him a red lamp to maintain the optimum temperature to cook diapers, thread for ligation of the umbilical cord, scissors, cotton iodine solution. Some breeders Pot-bellied pigs argue that sows assistance in childbirth is not necessary, I categorically disagree for several reasons. Sow under the supervision of the owner will feel calmer, delivery will take place more quickly and easily. Newborn piglets should receive a portion of colostrum during the first hours of life (from twenty to forty minutes). The fact that piglets are born with a small supply of nutrients and, if they do not get time to breast milk, it may perish.

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So, born piglet, must be cleaned of films and mucus, carefully free the airway (mouth and snout). At a distance of 2-3 fingers on the tummy bandages and cut the umbilical cord thread it. Wound treated with a solution of iodine and we place a pig under a lamp for desiccation. The temperature in the first days of life should be maintained at 30 ° -32 ° C. At lower temperatures in piglets disturbed thermoregulation, they develop worse and sick. On the first day of life piglets suck mom every 25 - 40 minutes, so it's important to track the quantity and quality of feed each pig to further there was no lag in development. Childbirth usually last 3 - 5 hours, in rare cases up to 12 genera ends with the release of the placenta, which usually consists of two parts. The latter should be carefully collected and removed, thereby preventing its possible eating sow. At birth, the piglets are two pairs of deciduous teeth in each jaw, and a total of eight. The teeth are arranged in such a way that sucking nipple cover on all sides and help in the process of feeding pigs, holding the catch. Therefore, I strongly recommend not to remove baby teeth in piglets. Teeth removed only in the event of incorrect placement of their mouth. But such examples I have never been. In case of irritation or wounds nipples sow I use cream emulsion DEK, the production of "Ukrzoovetprompostach" Kyiv. The emulsion gives good effect both for treatment and prevention of mastitis and cracked udder irritation. In the first days of life, piglets are actively feeding mother's milk, which contains all the necessary for the growth and development of minerals. But milk is not enough essential nutrients such as iron and copper. From the first days of life of the piglets sharply reduced levels of iron in the blood, which can lead to anemia, which is a very serious problem. Piglets are beginning to feel cold, pale, lag behind in development, eventually dying. To avoid anemia I do pigs intramuscular injection into the inner thigh. Very well established iron supplements, "Ursoferran-100" and "Ferroselenit" (which in addition to iron contains valuable trace element such as selenium). I abandoned the use of the drug "Suiferrovit" made in Poland. After injection of the drug in piglets often there are complications: diarrhea, digestive problems, up to the case. Perhaps this is due to the fact that "Sueferrovit" prepared on serum normal pigs.
On each pig piggy card I start, especially where there is development, vaccinations and weight, which I measure every 10 days. As I see it, it is easier to track the dynamics of development and further prospects of each pig. After many interviews I conducted, I draw the following conclusions: the average birth weight of 450-500 grams of pig, to 10 days of life, he must weigh less than 1 kilogram to 20 - from 1.5 to 2 kg. , A month, at least 2.5-3 kg.

piglets 5 days

поросята 5 суток


Caught some specimens weighing 5-6kg a month. In the press, I found the figure to 10 kg. Weight monthly pig, but I think that to put it mildly, not true. Weight 10-15 kg. Pot-bellied pigs reach only three months old. Whatever the pigs are well grown and evolved, with weeks of age they should be administered as a feed chalk, red clay, charcoal - a substance containing calcium, phosphorus and iron. From age ten start adding roasted barley and put drinkers with clean water. Upon reaching the age of two weeks starting slowly to give a thick porridge, as an adult, with the addition of "PRELAC" or premixes, oat milk, granulated starter feed for piglets first days of life. We must not forget that approximately week-old piglets begin to erupt main teeth and they have a need for, something to chew and gnaw. If they do not give this possibility, it may again have problems with tummy. By the end of the first month of life, lactating sows is reduced. By this time the pigs must learn how to eat. Gradually I start to wean piglets from sows. By doing this in stages, for five - six days. Abruptly wean pigs I do not recommend, it is harmful for both piglets and the sow. My mother can begin mastitis, and in children occur stress, loss of appetite and indigestion. At the age of forty days piglets makes prevention of parasitic infestations. I use the drug "Brovandazol" production Kiev. Unfortunately, the drug "Albendazole" does not act on some types of helminths.
From an early age piglets should be taught to walk in the fresh air. At the beginning of a few minutes, then increasing it to several hours (in the warm season).
In conclusion I want to say that the time and effort spent on rearing, will pay off handsomely. The main thing is to treat the process with love and responsibility.

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And now a few words about the identification of the hunt. Pig hunting becomes restless, may refuse to feed, swells sexual loop appear allocation. If you notice these symptoms, in order to check that the hunting lean hands on cereals sow, if hunting it will freeze and budge it will not work if the pig goes, it means that the hunt has not come yet. For mating the sow boar podsazhivayut a day, much less if the pig



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