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Feeding pot-bellied pigs.

In any textbook on pig says that pig "... are omnivores." I want to say that Pot-bellied pigs in this regard are no different from their counterparts traditional domestic breeds.
To improve the productivity of Pot-bellied pigs are the most important feeding, care and maintenance. Before you start talking about nursing, I would like to thank the many readers who have sent letters. I very carefully several times re-read the questions asked to me. It became clear that the failures and problems often occur not only from the acquired defective calves, but by not understanding the optimal conditions of feeding and housing of animals. Unfortunately, many people, reading articles, including mine, have decided to breed Pot-bellied pigs, unprepared, without calculating the forces and capabilities.

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It is known that pigs acquire or tribe, or for growing fattening. Who started indiscriminate, excessive cultivation of this species in the tribe. I want to warn you that if you do not create the conditions for fodder, if you can not provide the proper care of animals, content, including paddock, then you do not need to grow pigs for breeding. This is especially true of breeders enthusiasts living in cities and towns where hard to comply with all of the above conditions.
It is important to determine the strategy and tactics of fattening pigs. Fattening - is the main objective of any breeding pigs, including Pot-bellied. Decisive influence on the economic results of fattening provides feed consumption per unit of weight gain. Only if done right, you can get a cheap fattening pork very high quality. It is necessary to carefully keep records of all feed consumed as purchased or produced on his farm. Relative costs and benefits, you can determine the efficiency of domestic pig.
Once again, that the breeding of pigs, or for fattening, whether a tribe is a highly profitable occupation, but only when you have the possibility to grow crops or to purchase them first hand, by preparing a mixture of high-calorie, meeting the highest standards of quality .
Pot-bellied pigs obtained from pork bacon. What is bacon? So called half carcasses without head, spine, shoulder blades and lower legs, accordingly Cut and smoky. When bacon is very important fattening feed hearty, but not overfeed, while providing daily paddock, at the rate of one hundred square meters plot on its head. Best food grain - barley, rye and wheat then. During the summer, the bulk of the power up green fodder. Corn and oats in fattening bacon undesirable because they contribute to the deposition of fat. Their use is limited to ten percent of the total feed.
Due to the nature of the structure of the digestive organs (stomach smaller volume, the thinner diameter of the intestine, the rapid passage of forage through the digestive tract and so forth.), Pot-bellied pigs significantly worse digest roughage than ordinary pig. Particularly poorly digested food with high fiber content, such as fodder beet, straw. But Young tender hay legumes (alfalfa, clover) Pot-bellied pigs digest great.

Digestion in Pot-bellied pigs, as in other, ordinary pigs saliva plays an important role, salivary glands generated in large quantities. Under the action of saliva of the starch into sugar feed passes thereby saliva helps the digestive organs in the digesting of food. Less than in the feed water, the longer the food lingers in your mouth, chew. Due to this the salivary glands secrete more saliva. Thus, it turns out that pigs fed meal, it is necessary to form a thick porridge. I use old, undeservedly forgotten malting method, in which the starch is converted to sugar. For this purpose, a portion of concentrated feed, prepared for the next feeding, sleep in a bucket and fill with water at the rate of 4 - 4.5 liter mugs of feed for 8 liters of boiling water. Add to each bucket half dessert spoon of salt, all mixed thoroughly. Then I cover the bucket with a lid and cook on nastaivayu.Utrom evening and night for the next morning. Adult pigs add a mess Liprot - 4 tbsp. spoon in a bucket, pigs - otemyshi to mush add "PRELAC" for instructions. Introduce fish oil, 2 tbsp. spoon in a bucket, a course of 10 days per month. One bucket of steamed mixed fodder ration for three sows per feeding. Pregnant and lactating pigs adding serum or diluted milk, eggs and vitamins. This porridge is eaten by pigs with a big appetite that enhances the digestion of food. Fattening ranging from three to four months cottage concentrated feed is reduced by 10 - 12 goals were fed one by one - half a bucket of porridge twice a day.

It is worth recalling that the greatest digestibility, crops become shredded. Whole grains pig badly chewed, much of the grain is not absorbed and excreted in the feces.
I noted that the fattening of one head of the Pot-bellied breed on average compound feed grinding is a significant savings. Great help are vitamin feed, which in any case can not cook, they are fed raw. This pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, hay legumes. When cooking vitamins are destroyed. By the way, in the boiled potatoes continued destruction of vitamins (C and B), so I boil potatoes only to the next feeding, not in store. When applying the cooked potato in a small amount (15% of the diet) reduce the amount of feed respectively.
Do not be lazy, once again remind you that the care and attention, Pot-bellied pigs will answer good gain and excellent appearance.
The approximate composition of feed:
Barley - 40%
Wheat - 30%
Oats - 10%
Peas - 10%
Corn - 10% (no more increase as corn diet leads to obesity pigs).


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