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On this page you can read my article on the feasibility of growing Pot-bellied pigs for individuals and farms


Submit a written article to you I made a number of factors. The time has come to openly declare that Ukraine could lose livestock, as a branch of agriculture. Contribute to this situation, both objective and subjective reasons. The objective should include an unprecedented heat, crop failure, as a result of a significant increase in the price of fodder crops and fodder. To this should be added the increase in energy prices. Of subjective factors, we note an increase in the smuggling of meat, foul import raw materials supplied.
All this has led to the fact that the industrial production of meat has become unprofitable. Even large companies are beginning to cut herds (in particular, pig-breeding complex "Slobozhanskiy"), and small businesses and farmers completely lose expediency to continue its work. About privateers do not write, do not need the bad news. While politicians cross swords in the election campaign, there may be a situation that in addition to "Bush legs" Ukrainians have nothing to eat. It is not necessary to be an astrologer or clairvoyant to understand that closer to winter meat prices reached dizzying heights. The new government will either have to come back again to the import or make a one-time investment in the industry. The first risk that meat imported under tolling schemes, does not meet the National Standards and is a threat to human health. But Ukraine is already, the country endangered population. With regard to investment in the industry, we can safely assume that they will not need the money for new, early elections.
Fuel to the fire added an article published in "Arguments and Facts", in the thirty-second room. It is called "The War of the sausage." After reading it, I'm a long time to recover. How did the Ukrainian people do not like themselves and do not respect, permitting himself to buy and eat, so-called "sausage"? Various parties vying shout about social programs to increase payments for newborn babies and subsidies for disadvantaged groups. What kind of demographic surge can be discussed if we poison ourselves elementary ???
The second reason that made me once again take up the pen, a large number of letters and phone calls, with numerous questions, complaints and suggestions. The first group of applications ascribe those who share their experiences. There are letters where people complain about the purchased pigs that do not grow and get sick. How to choose a pig, I already wrote, I will not again return to this subject.
A large number of questions about the economic benefits and feasibility of breeding Pot-bellied pig. Here on this topic, I want to stop. To make it clearer, let's look at the following example. Two sows purchased in the fall (for example, in September), in the six weeks of age, will be given in April farrowing an average of 20 piglets. In May, the pigs will eat their own, mostly young grass, branches, bushes, duckweed, in summer squash, pumpkin, etc. Forage feed amount to 50-60% of the diet, and this is 2700-3000 kg of cereals. By the autumn (October-November) pigs will gain 70-80 kg live weight, that is, the total weight of livestock sostavit1400-1600kg young lean pork fat and delicious. Yes, this time you can grow 15 Ukrainian pig breed, weighing po110 kg. But keep in mind that conventional pigs during the reporting period will eat ten and a half tons of grain, which today is not only uneconomical, but generally ruinous.


Meticulously counting all the costs of food, water, electricity, maintenance, I calculated that one unit of the Pot-bellied pig breeds costs 1 hryvnia (20 US cents) a day, while the ordinary pig, will cost at most, 2 hryvnia 50 kopecks day (or 50 US cents), that is, two and a half times more expensive.
Thus, the average family will be able to fully meet their needs in meat, the estimated cost of which shall not exceed three hryvnia per kilogram, at today's prices for fodder, up to a thousand hryvnia per ton. Each family living in the private sector, it can be successfully engaged in the cultivation of Pot-bellied pigs. But just want to note that I mean growing pigs for meat. The fact that breeding for breeding requires more stringent conditions, feeding and care. Successful breeding is achieved only for those owners who can provide a complete pigs, balanced diet, cleanliness of the premises, which contains the herd, especially paddock (not less than 0.5 weave on the head).
So the content of pigs in pigsties svobodnovygulnogo type in which clean air and lots of sunlight, can improve productivity and reproductive functions of animals. Lack of exercise (physical inactivity) adversely affects many body functions, and primarily on the reproductive. Direct exposure to direct sunlight during walks on the skin of animals contributes to the normal function of blood, the better absorption of nutrients, especially calcium and phosphorus, with motor training increases the oxidation of ascorbic acid in the body involved in the redox processes, increases the resistance (resistance to disease) and reduces fatigue. Exercise has a positive effect on the morphological composition of the blood: red blood cell count and hemoglobin content in them. Growth and brain development in pigs grown with exercise goes evenly, while the content is marked bezvygulnom uneven, undulating brain growth.
When the content of the pigs in closed stables, to eliminate the negative effects of lack of movement of animals, more attention should be paid to diet to avoid deviations in obtaining nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. This will get the commodity meat, but with no guarantee of further successful increase in the herd.
Pigs can adapt to different types of feeding. But this device - a long process that successfully takes place at an appropriate feeding piglets, weaners and adolescents to use in production of pigs. Go to different diets should be gradual.
It must be remembered that animals fed on concentrate ration, shy toward more greasy and different types of lighter boned. Pigs fed on diets malokontsentratnyh deviate towards meat type, have a massive bone structure and well-developed breasts.
Balanced, full feeding is characterized by increased production of feed conversion ratio (low cost of feed per unit of production), and in addition, less loss of energy and matter in the conversion of food products.
From the above we can draw the following conclusions:
movement (exercise) animals, a positive effect on the physiological condition of the pigs, increases the overall tone, increases metabolism, leading to a general improvement and productivity of animals. It is important to remember that the most sensitive to bezvygulnoe content gilts during the growing period.
They can be observed:
delay sexual hunting, significant proholost and loss of milk, increasing the number of stillbirths and weak piglets.
Feeding separate age and gender groups and production of pigs has its own characteristics, food organized properly, if it efficiently and thus achieved goals such as obtaining the required product quality and protecting the health of animals. Breeding pigs allows a relatively short period to produce large quantities of high-quality meat.



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