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The content of Pot-bellied pigs.

Pot-bellied pig, as I wrote, different mobility and cheerful disposition, and therefore to the conditions of detention I approach adjusted for these features. On this page I will describe conditions that are considered optimal for Pot-bellied pigs feel them perfectly. I will address questions device pigsty, floor space per head, ventilation and heating, backyard playground, and a number of other issues. And so in order.

Pigsty: Just specify that these are recommendations, and the content of Pot-bellied pigs than I have described conditions can produce great results, but I recommend just like that. Pigsty must be brick, with concrete floors and shimmer. In each cell, about 2/3 of its area is set wooden platform, so that during the cold season of the sow and litter are not lying on the cold concrete. It turns out that on the platform at the Pot-bellied pigs "living room", and the remaining portion of concrete "dining room" and "toilet". Of course you can do without the platforms, but in this case the litter material (sawdust, straw, leaves, etc.) spent significantly more time and consequently cleaning will have to spend more, too. Ceiling height in the pigsty must be not less than 2.20 meters. The area of the machine for sows I recommend about 4 - 4.5 m2, then the machine can live up to 2 adults porosnye single or sows, or a sow with piglets. Adult boars manufacturers of machine area should be at least 3 m2. When planning the layout of machines must not forget about the technological passage in which it is easy to drive wheelbarrow used for the removal of manure. Properly organized ventilation in the pig house is one of the components of a healthy and strong herd. Schemes for ventilation of livestock buildings in a lot of open spaces you'll ever need, therefore, to dwell on this issue will not. Now about heating: boars manufacturers, unmarried young sows and fattening, ranging from three months of age quite well tolerated in negative temperature, and another thing sow if pigsty newborn pigs, the machine must be maintained temeraturu on the first day of life is not less than 20C. Therefore, in the winter need to be concerned about heating, it can be a gas convector, Russian stove or any other source of heat, allowing to create the desired temperature in the room.

If you decide to breed Pot-bellied pigs and to achieve good results at the same time, you can not do without a backyard playground and swimming pool for swimming. We'll talk about this in more detail.

Backyard playground and swimming pool: Most of the daylight hours during the warmer months, the herd Pot-bellied pigs should only be used outdoors, pig-range contained a different stronger immunity, cheerful disposition and better weight gain compared with counterparts from the "bondage." Per sow, I recommend to allocate not less than 1 weave land (100m2). On the territory of backyard playgrounds need to organize a "mud bath", it is enough on a flat plot of land to make a recess 2 on 2 meters and a depth of 20 - 30 cm., Which are periodically filled with water. Pot-bellied pigs love to take "mud bath", thus they protect themselves from overheating and annoying insects. In addition to the paddock have to be a few trees to pigs could rub on them, if there are no trees, logs should dig, dig in but they should be thoroughly to a depth of not less than 1.5 meters. Also on the backyard site should be easy to build a shed to pigs could hide under it in very hot weather, as well as in heavy rain.




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